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cheap food: a brief history of my employment, plus dim sum! May 28, 2009

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We here at “hungry like the wolf” are dedicated to cheap food. Why? Because, like most college students, we’re broke.  I, Lola, am the twin with the more impressive resume, and to show you just how pathetic that is, and how necessary cheap food is, i’d like to offer a brief history of my employment. bear with me, i promise it’ll be entertaining.

We’ll start with my high school days, when became a poll worker. this was a one day job, allowing students to take election day off from school to wake up insanely early and sit in someone’s garage all day for aboug $100 pay.  If you are a poll worker, you should know that every single person–i am not exaggerating at all here, seriously EVERY PERSON–with a dog will make a joke about how the dog is going to vote too. you should also know that you will get a lot of papercuts from the ballots, and old ladies may try to stick their ballots into the lamps instead of the voting machines.

Next, my most lucrative position yet, which also happened to last one day.  So I went to my mom’s office to help out.  They were hiring me for deliveries for the day.  I’m having a good time, walking around in the sun, dropping off packages, when all of the sudden, a car comes out of nowhere and hits me.  Don’t worry, I was fine, just some stitches in my head.  We settled with the driver and I made $4000.  Most of which is now going to pay for my ridiculously expensive education.

Now, my current position. Intern at an office. I file. Sometimes I put address stickers on envelopes.  Its not even an office for an industry I’m remotely interested in.  I make $30 a week.  Although, my boss is nice, so I do like it.

I applied for a job to be a costumed character at Chuck E. Cheese’s a while back.  I applied to work at Hot Dog on a Stick, known for it’s hideous (their website calls them “iconic”) hats.  Neither called me back.

So that is why I need cheap food.  Like Good Luck Dim Sum on Clement Street between 8th and 9th ave in San Francisco.  There may be a line, and no open tables to eat at, but it is worth it.  A delicious dim sum feast for about $2.50 a person.  We had potstickers, pork buns (i’ve been eating “pescetarian” and honestly i never crave meat but dim sum is the exception), fried taro, and a lotus bun. i also highly recommend the shrimp and chive dumplings and the peanut coconut buns.


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